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Wa'y Blima!, released on October 1, 2004, is a rapidly expanding web portal for Cebu, an island in the Philippine archipelago. Wa'y Blima! is focused on Cebu Province, Cebu City, and all things Cebuano. In case you didn't know, Cebu City is a thriving city of just the right size. The climate is pleasant, the food is fantastic, and the people are beautiful. Not least, we also have fantastic beaches and resorts. Wa'y Blima! - which is pronounced why blimma and means "No Problem" in Cebuano - is the definitive web portal to Cebu for visitors and Cebuanos alike. [MORE ABOUT OUR NAME]

We take pride in the fact that all of our content, including the photography, the articles, and the programming, is original. We always insist on developing our own content, and never allow this website to be used as a platform for companies to display their press releases and publicity shots.

Wa'y Blima! adheres to the highest standards of integrity. That means that all of the content on our site - other than of course ads, which are always clearly identified as such - has been obtained ethically. We have neither solicited nor received sponsorship fees nor any other kind of monies for the articles published. We believe that 'advertorials' compromise editorial integrity and find it regrettable that other media organizations in Cebu indulge in such questionable practices.

Because we practice total integrity, we can afford to always present the truth exactly the way we perceive it. If it's lously, we can and will say it's lousy. If it's great, we say it's great - and why. At no other site or any other publication in Cebu will you find the type of brutally honest reviews we provide here.

It sounds corny, but our mission is to serve the Cebuano public by helping to bring Cebu to the world, and the world to Cebu. Our Cebu Visitors Guide is designed to encourage visitors to come here - without bending the truth. Meanwhile, other sections in this site are designed to be useful for residents of Cebu.

Wa'y Blima! is a work in progress, and will continue to expand and - hopefully - improve over the months and years. Your feedback is critical, and it would be appreciated tremendously if you let us know of any opinions, suggestions, or comments you may have. Thanks!

All material in the Wa'y Blima! Cebu Visitors Guide, including text and photographs, is original, and, as such, copyrighted by this site. You may quote material from this site as long as the quote is properly credited.

Wa'y Blima! is the perfect vehicle to reach a large online audience. Our readership is comprised of smart, discerning people - like you, for instance. To find out about advertising on Wa'y Blima!, click here.

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