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Thanks to you, Wa'y Blima!, the ultimate portal to Cebu, now is the top website in the Visayas area in terms of traffic. In fact, we are now among the top websites in the Philippines. Most of our traffic is still from abroad - from foreigners interested in Cebu as well as Cebuano expatriates - but the proportion of traffic from within Cebu is growing rapidly.

If you have a business targeted at the Cebu market, there is no better way to advertise online than to place an ad on our pages. Rates are affordable and all ads will be placed to ensure maximum exposure for your business.

Note, however, that at Wa'y Blima! we believe in integrity and ethical practices regarding advertising. Hence we only accept "pure" or "straight" ads - we do not mix content and advertising. Hence while, we cannot accept requests for advertorials, or stories that cover your establishment in a necessarily positive way, we would be delighted to carry your ads as long as they will be clearly identifiable as ads.

Ads can be in the form of text links or images, in any size or format. If you do not have a website to which your ad will link to, we can even draw up a web page about your establishment. We're flexible! Because we understand that our success depends on keeping you, the advertiser, happy and satisfied. And ultimately we know that you will be satisfied, because we are secure in the knowledge that you will get results from your ads at Wa'y Blima!

Our ad rates are super cheap. To find out just how cheap, drop us a line.



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