This section of the Cebu Visitors Guide will eventually expanded into a business newsletter with comprehensive and up-to-date of current business issues. For now, here are some articles.

Right now, Cebu has a foot firmly planted in both the high-tech world of tomorrow, and the low-tech world of yesteryear. This is great news for the incoming expatriate, whether about to invest millions in a factory or about to retire with a modest nest egg.

Lately, the airlanes have been jammed as a large number of high-tech IT firms have started turning Cebu into a hub of information technology and outsourcing. Cebu is quickly becoming Asia's most important English-language center for IT and software development outside of India and Israel. Meanwhile, there are still a lot of poor people in the Philippines. This means a lot of people are desperate, and desperate people will work very hard for very little money. For example, take food. Fishermen, farmers, and cooks all fall in the desperate category, and you can get a lot of quality food at absurdly low prices.


As a business-minded person, you may be interested in the Business section of the Cebu Web Directory, which features web addresses of business with some presence in Cebu.

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