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Saving the Nation
How just one law can turn the Philippines into a developed country.
OCTOBER 22, 2006

How the Philippines Can Win the World Cup
In 2014. Not as far-fetched an idea as you might think.
JUNE 22, 2006

The Low-Security Zoo
Why the Mactan-Cebu International Airport needs urgent reform.
APRIL 7, 2006

Gloria Must Go
Gloria has gone too far. Enough is enough. Gloria must be prevented from doing further damage.
FEBRUARY 25, 2006

Understanding Philippine Politics
How Cebu got in the way between the epic struggle of the masses vs the landowners.
SEPTEMBER 19, 2005

Transfer the Provincial Capital
How transferring the provincial capital can save Cebu.
JUNE 8, 2005

Cebuano Needed for Development
Why prioritizing our language is important for economic development.
JUNE 2, 2005


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