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Living in Cebu, one often tends to forget that Cebu City is to the Visayas as Rome was to the Roman Empire. It is here that cultural and commercial currents merge, and it is here where cultural sophistication peaks. Wa'y Blima!'s Cebu Style showcases Cebu's highest achievements in design, architecture, and fashion.

Most problems in the world can be solved with a large enough wad of cash. Style is not one of them. It is impossible to create a tasteful interior design, for instance, just by spending huge sums of money on expensive artifacts: the result will likely be downright vulgar. In addition to sufficient funds, you need an inherent sense of design, culture, and long-term exposure to sophisticated designs.

A tastefully decorated home is one thing. An interior that has been crafted with extreme attention to detail, balance, and composition is nothing but a work of art. In the coming months, Wa'y Blima! will be releasing a series of articles which look at the dedication and talent that went into the creation of the most beautiful homes in Cebu: Cebu Cribs. Cebu Cribs celebrates the best in Cebuano interior design by visiting the homes of the rich and famous in Cebu. For the inaugural installment of this series, Wa'y Blima! gatecrashed the Pages Residence.

Cebu Cribs was inspired by the MTV program called "MTV Crib," which features the homes of the rich and famous - mostly entertainers familiar to the MTV audience - in the US. (The term "crib" is slang for "home" or "house".)

Watching MTV Crib from across the Pacific, one is struck by (a) how crass and tasteless the interiors tend to be, despite the obvious opulence and shameless extravagance, and (b) how the Stateside cribs are lacking in individual flavor to the extent that they all come across as identical. Cebu Style's series Cebu Cribs will prove that Cebu can hold its own against the best in the US by showcasing the most elegant homes in Cebu.

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